How do You Invest in Yourself?

how do you invest in yourselfWelcome to March. Spring is in the air, a new season is almost upon us. Springtime is also Money time. That time of year when you look forward to your tax return $$$ or you are getting ready to pay your tax bill (only 47 days left to file).

If you are receiving a refund – What are you going to do with it?

Take a vacation, pay off credit cards, do a home improvement project, invest in your retirement savings.

Beyond your financial investments & meeting with your financial advisor to ensure our portfolio is balanced – How are YOU investing in YOURSELF?

When was the last time you were REALLY mindful about investing in your most precious commodity – YOU

To be honest, I never really thought much about investing in myself until I hired my 1st Life Coach in 2007. I found by taking 1 hour out of my week I was able to invest in myself in a way I never knew existed.

During my coaching sessions my coach created the space I needed to identify my needs, create my value based goals, get healthy with my relationship with money and grow and nurturing my relationships.

As a result I had more ENERGY to devote to the quality of my life.

life coachingBefore I started coaching I felt like a hamster on a wheel running and running in the same place and never getting anywhere.

Do you feel this way? If so I invite you to give yourself to take a break from the hamster wheel and INVEST in YOU for the next 8 weeks:

Starting March 5th, we will meet for the 1st of 6 individual phone coaching sessions. Each session is 30 minutes. In addition to your individual sessions you will receive weekly Lifework exercises to keep you motivated and moving faster.

During the 8 weeks we will work together to:

  • Get real about your relationship with money
  • Clean out the cobwebs in your life
  • Identify YOUR Needs
  • Create YOUR Value Based Goals
  • Practice Extreme Self Care for YOU


$197/month (2 month course)


To enroll simply reply to this email or email me at to reserve your space today.

I reflect back with gratitude on the power of my coaching experience. I remember telling my coach “why doesn’t everybody know about this!” This is one of the reasons I am a coach today is to share my wisdom and coach you to live your best life.

Coaching is one of the best ways YOU can invest on yourself because unlike the volatile stock market when you invest in yourself, YOU will become more valuable.

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Happy Investing!!!