Kick-Start 2017


Are you tired of writing the same New Year’s Resolutions?
  • I want to lose weight
  • I want to get a new job
  • I want a better work/life balance
  • I want to spend less and save more
  • I want to enjoy my life more
  • I want to stay fit & healthy
  • I want to learn something new
  • I want to stop smoking
  • I want to fall in love
  • I want to spend more time with my family

Why haven’t these worked in the past?

Do you write them down and start the first week strong?

Does other STUFF come up that take your TIME and ENERGY?

What would it look like to give yourself 40 minutes each week for the next 8 weeks to focus on what YOU really want in 2017?

I’m accepting 8 new clients for my 2017 Kick-Start program starting the week of January 9th.

With Kick-Start we will meet individually every week for a 40-minute phone coaching session for the next 8 weeks.

No matter what you’d like to change or achieve, the secrets to success are the same!

#1 Get Clear.  Be as specific as possible, decide what you REALLY want.  The more clear you are on what you want to have in life, the more likely you are to achieve it.

#2  Get Perspective.  Most people don’t tell anyone what they want or what they are struggling with and because of that they don’t get an outside perspective.

#3  Get Support.  Very few people (if any) achieve anything great alone.  Sports stars have teammates and coaches.  Be willing to ask the people in your life to support you.

Ready to get started?  Enroll here

Do you have something SPECIAL, something important you’d like to change?  If you want to SPEED up your success rate, then I’d like to help you do it with an 8-week coaching program where together we’ll work to….

=> Create a crystal clear vision for ‘ultimate success’ so you know exactly what you want, where you’re headed and what you need to do to make it happen.

=> Uncover hidden challenges that may be sabotaging your ability to make changes that last or that are slowing down your progress

=> Leave each session renewed, re-energized and inspired to finally achieve the change you seek – once and for all.

Starting the week of January 9th, we will meet for the first of 8 individual phone coaching sessions.  Each session is up to 40 minutes.   In addition to our individual sessions you will receive weekly Lifework exercises to keep you motivated and moving faster towards reaching your goal.

Here is what you can expect from me during a coaching session:
*  I’ll listen to you describe your goals and challenges
*  I’ll reflect back what I’m hearing and not hearing from you (I use my intuition)
*  I’ll ask you hard questions to push you to dig deeper and go beyond the surface
*  I’ll ask you what you really want to walk away with
*  I’ll ask you what’s really holding you back from moving forward
*  I’ll ask you how I can best support you (fresh ideas/perspective, accountability partner, push past your fears or limiting beliefs)
*  You will be asked to follow up with life work exercises which are designed to move you closer to your goal.
* I’ll invite you to follow up with me via email to check in for accountability

Kick Start Costs:

$800 for the full 8-week program which includes:

  • Weekly 1×1 phone coaching sessions
  • Unlimited email support from Coach Sarah
  • Weekly Life Work exercises to keep you on track and accountable to your Goals

I offer day-time, evening and Saturday coaching sessions.


To JOIN simply email me at  and I will reserve your spot.

You will then receive an invoice to pay your 8 week program fee of $800. Payment can me made via PayPal, Credit Card or Check.  Installment billing options also available.

Questions?  Email me at or call me at 913-481-4791.

Space is limited to the first 8 individuals who RSVP.  Reserve your spot TODAY!