Create Your 2016 BEST List

2016 has been a year of ups and downs, joys and sorrows, change and uncertainty.

I’ve seen and heard a lot of negativity on social media and the news, especially this week.

One way I’ve shifted my energy is listening to some of my favorite musicians from the 80’s & 90’s.  Prince, George Michael, Duran Duran (Simon LeBon is still with us).

I felt transported back to time which was Happy, Fun and Care Free.

I started thinking about all the happy & fun times I’ve had this past year including going to the Duran Duran concert, watching the Chicago Cubs win their 1st World Series in 108 years, traveling to Encinitas, California for my mediation retreat, going to the Iowa State Fair with my family, winning the dirndl competition at Oktoberfest, exploring the city of Prague and completing my holiday Extreme Self Care Challenge.

Once I got into my happy place I also started reflecting on everything that I’ve accomplished in 2016 including receiving my Professional Coaching Certification along with coaching over 60 clients on topics including creating the next chapter of their career, leaving toxic environments to do work they actually enjoy, growing an existing business, starting a new business from just an idea to making it a reality, building confidence to ask for a raise and promotion and so much more.

Today I invite you to join me on Creating Your Best of 2016. Take a few moments, listen to your favorite music and reflect back on 2016.

What are YOUR BEST experiences of 2016?

What stands out for you?

How did you GROW?

Who have you become during this past year?

Here is the list I’ve created.  Click My Best of 2016 to download & print your copy.

Please feel free to add to the list to capture all of your Best of 2016!


My Best Concert

My Best Sporting Event

My Best Cultural Event

My Best New Restaurant

My Best New Recipe

My Best Book I Read

My Best ME Day (Self Care)

My Best New Healthy Habit

My Best Day with my Family

My Best Day with my Friends

My Best Bucket List item

My Best Adventure

My Best Vacation

My Best Volunteer experience

The Best Thing I did for my Physical Health

The Best Thing I did for my Emotional Health

The Best Thing I did for my Mental Health

The Best Thing I did for my Spiritual Health

The Best Thing I did for my Financial Health

The Best Thing I did for my Professional Development

My Best Professional Accomplishment

My Best Personal Accomplishment

My Best Way I Expressed Gratitude

My Best Way I Expressed Appreciation

What Do You Want for 2017?

Do you like what you see on your Best of 2016 list?

What do you want MORE of?

What do you want LESS of?

Are you ready to KICK START 2017?

Are you tired of just surviving or are you ready to THRIVE?

Starting in January I’m offering 2 amazing ways to start 2017 strong.

KICK START is an 8 week individual coaching program which we will meet weekly for eight 40 minute phone coaching sessions to Kick Start your New Year off right!

THRIVE is an annual success club which we will meet virtually as a group once a month for the next 12 months to stay focused and accountable for your 3 individual THRIVE Goals.  Professional, Personal and FUN.

Enrollment is open in both KICK START and THRIVE

Wishing you a very Happy New Year!


Are You Ready to THRIVE?

Which path will you take in 2017?

Survive or THRIVE?

I’m excited to announce the launch of my new group THRIVE – an annual success club.  Starting the week of January 16, 2017 we will meet virtually once a month every month for the next 12 months.

With THRIVE I’m looking for Positive, Energetic, Inspiring women who:

  • Commit to their Goals
  • Contribute to the Group
  • Keep conversations Confidential
  • Celebrate Your Success
  • Cheer each other on

As a THRIVE Success Club Member You Will Create 3 Goals:

  1. Professional
  2. Personal
  3. FUN

Ideas for Professional Goals could be:

  • I want to get a new JOB
  • I want to ask for a RAISE
  • I want to complete a training or certification

Ideas for Personal Goals could be:

  • I want to run my first 5K, half-marathon, full-marathon
  • I want to switch to and stick with healthy eating habits
  • I want to incorporate yoga/ meditation into my daily/weekly Extreme Self-Care practice

Ideas for Just for FUN goals could be:

  • I want to learn to play a musical instrument
  • I want to learn to speak a foreign language
  • I want to achieve X Bucket List Item

Whatever YOUR goals are THRIVE is here to support YOU!

With this virtual supportive community of accountability we will meet once a month every month for the next 12 months starting in January.

Benefits of THRIVE:

  • Monthly Accountability on your Goals:  It’s so easy to write down all of your Goals on January 1st but with THRIVE you will have myself and others supporting you and cheering you on each month to achieve your Goals
  • Meaningful Facilitated Discussion:  Each month I will check in your THRIVE Goals, Celebrate WINS, Discuss Road Blocks, Uncover Opportunities & Create Action Plans for forward movement
  • Extra Oomph:  In addition to creating our goals we will be reading 4 books (one per quarter) & discussing them during our monthly calls.  The books are:
    • Thrive by Arianna Huffington
    • Creating Your Best Life by Caroline Adams Miller & Dr. Michael Frisch
    • What Happy Women Know by Dr. Dan Baker
    • Presence by Amy Cuddy
  • Growth through Connecting with other women who share a common vision of personal and professional growth
  • Safe confidential space to focus on YOU and what YOU really want
  • Private Facebook Page to CELEBRATE weekly success

Monthly THRIVE Meetings:

  • We will meet for 1 hour the 2nd week of every month starting the week of January 16th.
  • All meetings will be virtual (the conference call number will be provided in your Welcome Packet)
  • There will be 5 different virtual meeting options each month.  I’d like you to select which day/time will work best for you but I understand the need for flexibility therefore you have the option to dial into ANY of the scheduled meetings each month.
  • Small group sessions between 6 women in each success club to allow you to Learn from each other, Encourage each other and Inspire each other

THRIVE Membership:

  • $365 annual membership
  • $1 per day because aren’t YOU worth investing in your personal & professional development!


To JOIN simply email me at  and I will reserve your spot.

You will then receive an invoice to pay your annual THRIVE membership of $365. Payment can me made via PayPal, Credit Card or Check.

Questions?  Email me at or call me at 913-481-4791.

Space is limited to the first 30 ladies who RSVP.  Reserve your spot TODAY!

How Do You Like to Be Appreciated at Work?

Christmas Vacation

Deck the halls with boughs of holly, Fa la la la la la la la!

‘Tis the season to be jolly, Fa la la la la la la la!

One of my favorite holiday movies is Christmas Vacation.  There are so many hilarious scenes in this movie from the Griswold family driving out to the country to chop down their Christmas tree. to Clark checking all the outside Christmas lights on his house, to the arrival of Cousin Eddie and family in their RV.

My favorite scene is when Clark W. Griswold finally receives his long awaited Christmas bonus.  He is so excited when the messenger comes to his door on Christmas Eve with an envelope.  Clark anticipates it is his bonus check as he had received in the past but is shocked to find out instead it is a 1 Year Membership to the Jelly of the Month Club.

Clark worked so hard all year.  He anticipated a cash bonus.  He even put a down payment on installing a pool at his home.

This is definitely a message about Workplace Appreciation gone WRONG.

December is a wonderful month to Show Appreciation and Be Appreciated, but everyone does not give or receive Appreciation in the same way.

I’m incorporating the lessons from The 5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace by Gary Chapman and Paul White in today’s newsletter.

Today I’d like you to think about How You Like to Be Appreciated at Work

On a scale of 1 – 10, how appreciated do you feel by your immediate supervisor?

On a scale of 1-10, how appreciated do you feel by each of your coworkers?

When you feel discouraged at work, what actions by others encourage you?

When you want to communicate appreciation to your colleagues, how do you typically do so?

How well do you believe you and your coworkers know how to express appreciation to one another?

Do you appreciate Words of Affirmation?

Do you strive for Quality Time?

Do you appreciate Acts of Service?

Do you enjoy receiving Tangible Gifts?

Knowing your Appreciation Language as well as your coworkers Appreciation Language will lead to so many positive benefits including:

  • Reduction in employee turnover
  • Improved attendance and productivity
  • Greater customer satisfaction
  • More positive relationships between supervisors, staff and peers
  • An overall increased positive outlook on corporate culture and work environment

If you are interested in learning more about Motivating by Appreciation, simply email at

What I want for YOU is to know your Appreciation Language incorporate it into your Workplace.


Enter to WIN $500 in FREE Coaching



Happy December 1.  Today is a new month and the last month of 2016.  December is a month of transition. Reflecting back on the past year, celebrating accomplishments along with identifying opportunities for growth in the new year.  With every transition also comes a Fresh Start.

Today I’d like for you to take a few moments and reflect on the following questions.

On a scale of 1 – 10 how excited are you on your accomplishments for 2016?

What went well?

What could have gone better?

What did you intend to do but didn’t get done?

What got in your way of achieving your goal or making that change?

How would you feel when you no longer had to deal with “X” whatever is getting in your way of achieving your goal or making that change?

If I could give you a magic wand and we could fast forward to December 31, 2017 what would your life & career look like?

Would you be in the same job?

Would you be in the same environment?

Would you be in the same financial position?

Would you be in the same relationship?

Would you be in the same routine?

**************************ENTER TO WIN $500 in FREE COACHING*************************

I believe so strongly in helping you accomplish your goals and making the changes YOU really want I am raffling off a FREE coaching package.   3 – 50 minute strategy sessions (a $500 value) to one lucky winner.

All you need to do is send me 3 sentences on how you want your life and career to look like at the end of 2017.

Please submit your confidential response to me by 12pm NOON tomorrow, Friday, December 2nd.  

I will enter all submissions in the raffle for the 3 – 50 minute strategy sessions.  

The ideal schedule will be to meet once in December to close out 2016.  We will celebrate your accomplishments and identify opportunities.  We will then meet twice in January to develop your strategy for 2017 and kick start you into action.

Simply reply to this email or email at

What I want for YOU is to make the CHANGE you really want in 2017!

2016 Extreme Self Care Challenge


Now more than ever it’s important to give yourself permission to practice Extreme Self Care which is why I created the 2016 Extreme Self Care Challenge.  What I want for you is to create your own personal Extreme Goal which will keep you healthy, happy and energized during the holiday season.

 What is the best possible way you can take care of yourself for the next 7 weeks?

The holidays can be the happiest time of year, but they can also be the most challenging time of year with year-end deadlines, holiday shopping, traveling, parties, too much food & drinks, and bah humbug people.

By having an Extreme Self Care Goal along with a Daily, Weekly and Monthly Action Plan YOU can take the best possible care of yourself this holiday season!

Step 1:  Create Your Extreme Self Care Goal 

What do YOU really want to achieve by December 31st?

How do YOU want to feel during this holiday season?

Who will YOU be on January 1st once you reach this goal? 

Some ideas for Extreme Self Care Goals are:

  • Walk 500,000 steps by December 31st (10,000 steps each day)
  • Weekly self care treatments (Massage, facial, manicure, pedicure)
  • Practice yoga 30 times (3-4 classes a week)
  • Dedicate 5 hours each week to your spiritual practice (prayer, mediation)
  • Take all of your remaining vacation days
  • Remove the word “SHOULD” from your vocabulary

Step 2:  Develop Your Daily, Weekly and Monthly Self Care Plan

Its fantastic to have one EXTREME Goal which you want to reach.  Its equally important to develop daily, weekly and monthly healthy habits to support your overarching EXTREME Self Care Goal.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Set an Intention each day
  • Take 15-20 minutes to plan your day so your day doesn’t plan you
  • Start each day with a note of Gratitude
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Take your vitamins
  • Eat colorful fruits & veggies – 2 different colors at each meal
  • Remove / reduce caffeine – no caffeine after 1pm
  • Allow yourself 20 minutes to power down before bed – no technology
  • Sleep 7-9 hours of restful sleep

Download Your Extreme Self Care Challenge Worksheet

Step 3:  Get the Support You Need to Achieve Your EXTREME Self Care Goal

It’s great to write down your Extreme Self Care Goal today but you will also have the support of myself and others cheering you on as you reach your goals.

I believe so much in the importance of Extreme Self Care I will be hosting 4 FREE Accountability sessions to keep you motivated, on track and accountable.

Tuesday, November 15th at 7pm CST

Wednesday, November 16th at 12pm CST

Monday, December 12th at 12pm CST

Tuesday, December 13th at 7pm CST

All sessions will be virtual.  Please RSVP to the session you’d like to attend and I will send you the dial in number.

I encourage you to pick one session in November and one session in December to attend.

In addition to the FREE Accountability sessions I have also created a Private Facebook Page for you to join others who are also committed to taking the best possible care of yourself during the holiday season.

Each week we will have a Celebration Friday to share WINS for the week.

This is also a group to reach out to for support during challenging days.

Are YOU Ready to Be Extreme?

1.  Download Your Extreme Self Care Challenge Worksheet

2.  Set Your EXTREME Goal

3.  RSVP to the November 15th or 16th Accountability Session

4.  Join the Private Facebook Extreme Self Care page.

Questions?  Email me at or call me at 913-481-4791