Day 10 Check In

Happy 2018
We are 10 days into the new year and I want to check in with you on your 2018 Resolutions, Goals and Intentions.
Many of us start off the year very driven and motivated.  We are focused on WHAT we want.
I want a to lose 10 pounds
I want to get a new job
I want to find a new relationship
I want to spend less and save more
I want to enjoy my life more
These are all great resolutions, but do you find yourself making the same one year after year and NOTHING changes?
Instead of focusing on the WHAT I want you to focus on the WHO.
Who will you become once you lose 10 pounds?
How will you feel each day when you go to your new job?
Who will become once you meet your ideal partner?
How will you open your heart in this new relationship?
What financial freedom will you create with your new spending habits?
What can you let go of which is holding you back from living your BEST life?
Are you committed to do the work to change your old habits, limiting beliefs and negative thoughts?
What is your action plan going forward?
Who is your accountability partner?
As a coach I am committed to my clients to help them achieve their dreams.  I listen to my clients for what is being said & what isn’t being said.  I ask the hard, powerful questions.  I keep my clients focus, on-track and accountable to their dreams.
Right now I have 4 open spots for new clients.
Are you ready to make your dreams come true in 2018?
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